Think of Your Concrete Floors as an Investment

As a business owner, you may make investments in many things: new equipment, marketing, training, and outsourcing. But did you ever think of your floor as an investment? Your floor can be an investment in:

  • safe working conditions for your employees and customers.
    By adding non-skid surfaces to your floors, you are insuring that you have made the effort to prevent slip-and-fall accidents affecting your employees and customers. Whether it be a factory floor, food service environment, or wet and oily in any environment, a non-skid surface provides a safe surface to walk on.
  • better working conditions that result in more productivity.
    The better light reflection that a new floor provides is significant. New floors can include safety lines to identify safe walking zones in facilities, and also provide organizational benefits in busy facilities.
  • the value of your facility.
    If you are bringing important customers through your facility a first impression can be very important. A new floor is the perfect way to project the image of a modern, up to date facility.
  • the protection of your expensive concrete slab.
    An epoxy or urethane mortar floor can and will protect concrete floors from damage and wear and tear caused by heavy fork truck traffic, harsh chemicals, battery acid, and thermal shock.

Need a New Concrete Floor?

When it’s time to consider a new floor, we hope that you will consider Specialty Coatings, Inc. We provide service throughout the state of Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and surrounding states. Our references include several major automotive manufacturers and suppliers, car dealers, food service companies of all types, retail, and pharmaceutical companies. We would be happy to provide you with contact info for references.

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