Shot Blasting, Concrete Grinding and Floor Covering Removal

Specialty Coatings is widely considered the premier shot blasting contractor Nashville has to offer. We are a commercial and industrial shot blasting company based in Nashville (serving the Southeast U.S.) with over 20 years of experience in concrete surface preparation and commercial floor covering removal.

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Shot Blasting Equipment and Capabilities

We own and operate our own fleet of shot blasters, grinders and floor covering removal equipment. Specialty Coatings has several walk behind shot blasters as well as propane and diesel powered riding machines from 8” to 15” to provide the surface prep solution for your needs. We are capable of prepping tens of thousands of square feet of concrete per day.

Shot Blasting and Concrete Prep Services

We provide a wide variety of commercial concrete surface preparation services including:

Shot Blasting
Shot Blasting is a dust free method of removing contaminants such as carpet glues, tile glues, mortar beds and profiling the concrete to accept new coatings or other types of floor covering materials. In order for a new coating or overlay to bond properly, the concrete must be clean and have a surface the consistency of 80 grit sand paper. Shot blasting is the most widely recognized and accepted method for concrete preparation in the industry.

Diamond Grinding
Diamond grinding is a great alternative to shot blasting when a coating needs to be scuffed or removed prior to new coating application without damaging the top layer of concrete. Diamond grinding is also a great method of glue and mortar bed removal. Various levels of profile can be achieved with the use of more course or fine diamond tooling. Specialty Coatings has both Planetary and Terrazzo type grinding equipment available for your application.

Floor Covering Removal
Using our Blastrac BMS-270, Specialty Coatings can make short work of floor coverings such as VCT tile, carpet, sheet vinyl, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo, hardwood, epoxy coatings and membranes. The BMS-270 can remove several thousand square feet of floor coverings a day which keeps you on schedule and saves time and money over manual removal options.

Our Service Area – Serving Nashville and Southeast

Our service area for shot blasting and concrete grinding/profiling includes Greater Nashville and surrounding cities like Bowling Green, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Cookeville, Huntsville, and large parts of the Southeast.

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