Specialty Coatings Recommends Slip Resistant Floor Coatings

Slip resistant floorA slip resistant floor is always appropriate in areas where water or other liquids could get on the floor. This includes restrooms, locker rooms, kitchens, break rooms, clinics, and research labs. Additionally, sports venues and showrooms are good candidates for slip resistant floors.

What Is a Popular Coating that Provides a Slip Resistant Floor?

Specialty Coatings often recommends epoxy flake flooring for slip resistant applications. The flake flooring system includes a primer coat of epoxy, then 1 to 2 broadcast coats of flakes, and then a topcoat of epoxy. The flakes create depth, color, and texture to give you a more vibrant and decorative appearance.

The flakes not only offer a seamless look, they can hide underlying flaws in the concrete. Also, the flakes provide the surface with subtle grooves to help reduce slips and falls. Ultimately, however the topcoat provides the slip resistance. And, depending on the topcoat you can get any level of slip resistance that you need.

Flakes come in an infinite variety of sizes and colors, including metallic flakes, glow in the dark, and glitter options. And the installer can use any percentage of flakes. Overall, the flake flooring system is totally customizable.

Another Alternative

Specialty Coatings also recommends quartz flooring, which is another seamless floor system that is slip resistant. The quartz flooring system utilize epoxies, urethanes and quartz sand (instead of flakes).  Both the epoxy flake flooring and the quartz flooring are practical, long-lasting, and highly resistant to impact.

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