Nissan Stadium

Specialty Coatings, Inc. was awarded the contract to complete a total renovation of the Upper Level bathrooms and concession stands at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans.



Working with Carolina Restoration and PBG Builders, we installed General Polymers Fastop 12s at a full ¼” thick, a broadcast of flake in Titan’s colors, and a urethane topcoat in the bathrooms while the concession stands received a solid gray topcoat.

The owners were so impressed with the look of their new flooring, they decided to add an additional 26 restrooms on the Lower Level, the Tunnels where the players run out, and the entrance to their Training Facility in Metro Center Park.

Projects Are Ongoing

In total, we completed approximately 70,000 square feet with several other projects to be completed in the coming months.