Polishing and Staining Concrete Floors

polishing and staining concrete floorsMany commercial and industrial spaces have concrete floors. In most cases, it is desirable to modify the concrete floor to make it more serviceable or more attractive. Instead of covering the floors with carpet, vinyl, laminate, etc., many times the better options are polishing and staining concrete floors.  Specialty Coatings is one of Nashville’s premier concrete polishing and concrete staining contractors.

Polishing Concrete Floors

Polishing concrete floors creates a surface that is beautiful, stain-resistant, and low maintenance. At Specialty Coatings, we use heavy-duty, diamond grinding machines to polish concrete floors. By regulating the grinding process, we can achieve either a low sheen or a high sheen with a mirror-like finish. Additionally, we can add decorative dyes and stains to further enhance the natural beauty of the polished floor.

Acid Staining Concrete Floors

Acid staining is a particularly popular staining method for both unpolished or polished concrete floors. Part of its appeal is that it’s permanent and won’t fade, chip off, or peel away.

Most acid stains contain hydrochloric acid and acid-soluble metallic salts (for color). The acid in the stain penetrates the surface, chemically reacting with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete. This process lightly etches the surface, allowing the metallic salts to penetrate more easily.

Stained floors also need to be sealed. A sealer provides protection from wear, enhances the color, and determines the gloss level of the finish. Lower gloss levels tend to be easier to clean and don’t show wear as much as a high-gloss sealer.

Specialty Coatings Is Nashville’s Choice for Polishing and Staining Concrete Floors

Specialty Coatings has the products and services you need for new or existing concrete floors. Call us for epoxy coating, urethane coating, shot blasting, or concrete polishing and staining Nashville businesses have depended on since 1995.