One of the Best Shot Blasting Contractors in Tennessee Talks about Prepping Concrete Floors

Adding a coating or new overlay to your concrete floor is a good investment in your business. If you are considering it, you need to know that preparing the floor before hand is a critical step. Shot blasting contractors in Tennessee will tell you that proper floor prep results in a better outcome.

Diamond Grinding or Shot Blasting?

The Best Shot Blasting Contractors Use Professional EquipmentThe purpose of prepping a concrete floor is to open the “pores” of the concrete. This allows the coating to adhere to the floor, creating a long-lasting bond.

Concrete floor professional use diamond grinding or shot blasting to prepare a floor, or in some cases, both. Specialty Coatings is one of the best diamond grinding and shot blasting contractors Nashville has to offer. You can count on our experience and expertise to use the best method for your job.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is a good method for scuffing or removing a coating prior to a new epoxy or urethane coating application. When used as an alternative to shot blasting, it results in a smooth finish without damaging the top layer of concrete.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a clean, dust-free process that we can use in sensitive areas of factories, food prep areas, etc. It is the most widely accepted method for profiling concrete and for removing contaminants such as carpet glues, tile glues, mortar beds. However, it is best used to prepare for coatings that are at least 1/16″ thick or for a new overlay.

Specialty Coatings Stands Out from Other Shot Blasting Contractors in Tennessee

Here is what separates us from the competition:

  • Ability to hand over 400 floor projects a year
  • Highly specialized skills
  • Experience of over 25 years in business
  • Work completions on-time and on-budget

Give us a call today. We will be happy to give you an estimate for concrete floor prep or coatings.