Installing Epoxy Flooring in Educational Institutions

epoxy flooring nashville educational facilities schoolsSchools and colleges need flooring that can meet  many different needs because they have many different types of rooms. These may include classrooms, hallways, dorm rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, chemistry labs, and mechanical rooms.  Specialty Coatings is experienced in installing epoxy flooring in educational institutions to meet the needs of all these rooms and more.

Flooring for Primary Schools

Primary students are often messy and hard on flooring.  Besides the many bright colors epoxy installations can provide, there are many other features that make it desirable. It’s easy to clean, durable, and skid resistant. Additionally, installing epoxy flooring in restrooms is a much-needed health benefit because it helps control pathogens.

Flooring for Colleges

There are many diverse areas in colleges where the benefits of epoxy flooring, especially quartz flooring, are numerous.

  1. Chemistry labs. When liquid or chemical spills happen in a lab, our epoxy flooring will prevent damage that could pose a safety risk.
  2. Research facilities. Electronic storage and medical research require specific needs that our flooring can provide. It is durable and you can clean it easily.
  3. Food areas and sports arenas. Because these areas receive lots of foot traffic, they present challenges that our special coatings can provide.

Specialty Coatings Is the Expert in Installing Epoxy Flooring in Educational Institutions

After many years, schools begin to show their age. Specialty Coatings, in business since 1995, can upgrade your flooring, which is easier on your budget than replacement.

Even flooring that has a great deal of damage can be refurbished to a finish that is environmentally safe and attractive. New options are available that will make your flooring look more modern and cleaner. There are many vibrant colors to choose from, and we can even add school logos. So, give us a call today for more information or a quote.