Getting the Right Industrial Flooring System

The floor coatings in industrial facilities have the hardest job in the building. They have to withstand things such as heavy skid loaders and machinery, chemical and corrosive spills, constant traffic, and high temperatures, to name a few. If the industrial flooring system can’t handle this type of onslaught, everything else is at risk.

Specialty Coating Has the Right Industrial Flooring System for Any Application

We customize the floor coating systems to suit the specific conditions of a particular industry area, including automotive, electronics, chemical, food and beverage facilities, warehouses, parking garages, and hangars. Our industrial floor coatings can handle high traffic, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, heavy weight, and more. We offer seamless, easy-to-clean floor coatings that remove potential breeding grounds for bacteria or contaminants.

Specialty Coating is not a “one solution fits all” service provider. We work with you to understand your facility’s needs by area and recommend the best floor systems for your budget and your regulatory compliance issues.

Industrial Areas with Unique Requirements

The right industrial flooring system

Not every industrial flooring system is under high stress. Some just have unique requirements. Specialty Coatings can install the proper coatings for these areas as well. These areas might include the following:

  • Highly aesthetic and decorative areas
  • Wet areas
  • Dry areas
  • Cleanrooms
  • Static-sensitive areas
  • Areas with extreme exposure
  • Non-skid areas

 Why Choose Us for Your Industrial Floor Coating?

Specialty Coatings is one of the most trusted Epoxy Flooring and Concrete Staining and Polishing companies in Tennessee and the Southeast.

Here are some of the factors that have earned us this reputation:

  • Sheer volume of work – we typically complete around 400 floor projects a year
  • Expertise and skill level – Ability to perform difficult or unique projects with highly specialized needs
  • Experience – Over 25 years in business means we’ve seen and done it all
  • Ability to deliver what we sell – We are experts at meeting deadlines on-time and on-budget.