5 Questions about Your Industrial Floor Coating Needs

Industrial Floor CoatingSpecialty Coatings, Inc. has been in the commercial and industrial floor coating industry for more than 26 years. During those years, we gained valuable experience with various types of coatings, polishing and resurfacing. So, when you need industrial floor coating in Nashville or surrounding areas, you can trust Specialty Coatings.

The Best Industrial Floor Coating Solution for You

Our experience tells us that “one size does not fit all.” Each business we work with has specific requirements for their flooring. So, if you contact us about an industrial floor coating, we will need to ask you these questions:

  1. What kind of business is it?
    This is our starting point since the kind of business will likely define how the floor is used.
  1. What kind of traffic will the floor get?
    How much foot traffic do you get per day and will the floor need to stand up to heavy machines like forklifts?
  1. Will the floor be exposed to any chemicals or special environments?
    Is the floor in an area that has extreme temperatures or where caustic chemicals are in use?
  1. What are the flooring regulations that govern your industry?
    Although we are familiar with many state and federal regulations as they pertain to industrial flooring, we like to get the details from the client. This ensures all requirements are met.
  1. What maintenance or repair issues do you have with the current floor?
    If the coating is for a floor that needs refinishing, it helps us to know what the issues are. We can recommend a coating that can reduce or prevent those maintenance issues.

Contact Specialty Coatings for Your Industrial Flooring Needs

To learn what we can do for your floors, give us a call at 615.591.9491. We will be happy to give you a quote for the best industrial floor coating for your industry or business. Specialty Coatings offers the best concrete floor finishing and epoxy flooring Nashville has to offer.