Is Your Concrete Floor Coating Ready for the Inspector?

floor coatings for food and beverage plantsIf you own or operate a food or beverage plant, you know that sooner or later, the government inspector is coming. And when the inspector comes, he or she will be looking at your concrete floors.

Concrete floors in food processing plants are susceptible to bacteria growth so they require constant cleaning. The frequent high pressure, high temperature wash downs can cause the floors to fail.

So, it’s a good idea to get ahead of any problems by inspecting your floors yourself before the government inspector comes.

Here’s What to Look For

Your floor needs to be:

  • non-porous
  • easily cleanable
  • free of cracks and joints
  • level and free of ponding water
  • free of harborage areas
  • sealed from floor to wall joints

Additionally, it is recommended that the floor have a cove base at the wall junction.

Specialty Coatings Can Restore Your Floors

At Specialty Coatings, we combine the proper floor preparation with the proper concrete floor coatings to ensure a seamless, long-lasting system. Therefore, our system can withstand the harshest and wettest environments. Our resinous floor coatings also are available with thermal-shock resistance, which provides protection from deterioration caused by repeated high-temperature wash downs.

Most of our resinous floor coatings are anti-microbial. All of our resinous coatings that we apply for food preparation sites:

  • meet USDA requirements for food production and preparation safety.
  • are moisture tolerant
  • have exceptional resistance to acid, alkali, oils, and chemicals

Take Action Now

So don’t wait for the inspector to show up. ¬†Call us today at 615-591-9491 or click here to get a quote.