What’s the Best Food & Beverage Facility Flooring?

Every element in a facility for producing foods or beverages must contribute to the facility’s sanitary state and safety. That includes the equipment as well as the structure of the facility itself. The right flooring solution is a key element in safeguarding the integrity of your products. It also provides safety for your workers. So what is the best food & beverage facility flooring?

The short answer is a floor with an epoxy coating is ideal. But let’s look at why that is true.

What Characteristics Are Needed for Food & Beverage Facility Flooring?

Four characteristics of epoxy floor coating make it ideal for the food and beverage industry:

  • Strength
    Epoxy is a strong flooring material that is able to hold up under plenty of foot traffic as well as vehicle traffic. It is strong enough to support large machinery like forklifts. A floor that can stand up to wear means less time spent on repairs that can cause operational bottlenecks.
  • Non-slip Property
    In the food and beverage industry, spills and run-off are inevitable. Even though epoxy looks slick and shiny, it’s really extremely slip-proof, even when wet. This means fewer accidents.
  • Hygiene
    Flooring is very important in maintaining hygiene in a food and beverage facility. We’re not talking about cleaning the floors themselves here. We’re talking about the floor not harboring any microbial life or other contaminants that are spilled or run off on the floor. The smooth surface of epoxy is already inhospitable to most microorganisms. But it is also possible to reinforce the protective barrier by adding formulations with extra antibiotic properties.
  • Easy Cleanup
    When there are spills and run-off, the single, smooth, wall-to-wall surface of an epoxy floor makes cleanup and sanitization easier. Additionally, epoxy floors can withstand intense cleansers.

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