A Guide to the Best Concrete Floor Covering for You

Best Concrete Floor Covering

Concrete floors are resurging in  popularity in the commercial and industrial sectors.  However, selecting the best concrete floor covering can become overwhelming for the average buyer. This is due in part because different floor coatings have different functions.  In this blog we explain some of the differences in floor coatings and point out their different functions.

Concrete Floor Coating Choices

The various choices for the best concrete floor covering for you are polyurethane, polyaspartic, epoxy and acrylic coatings. We explain the benefits and downsides of each to help you choose the best one for your application.

  • Polyurethane.  These coating are not as rigid as epoxy and work well where people will be standing or walking on it. It is not a good choice for areas with a lot of moisture.
  • Epoxy.  It is a durable and impact-resistant coating that makes it popular for warehouses, garages, industrial plants, and even commercial spaces. These coverings do not work well with older floors with cracks and stains.
  • Acrylic.  Its high gloss finish is more for decoration than durability.  It is not suitable for high traffic areas. It is fast drying and the most cost efficient.  But beware – you might need repeated treatments.
  • Polyaspartic.  Because of its durability, stain resistance, and UV light resistance, polyaspartic makes the perfect coating to cover porous concrete floors. This coating only requires one application. So, if time is important ,then this is the coating you need. Because it does require skilled laborers,  this is not a choice if you want to apply the coating yourself.

Specialty Coatings Is the Southeast’s Leader in Concrete Coatings

As you decide the best concrete floor covering, let the professionals at Specialty Coatings help you. We have been in business in Nashville since 1995. Our experience will be valuable to you in making the right choice for your concrete flooring covering. We also can prep your floors if they need concrete grinding, shot blasting or repairs.