Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have been around in residential, commercial, and industrial building for a long time, but in recent years concrete floors have been elevated to “movie-star” status in many realms. Companies like Specialty Coating, Inc. that offer polished concrete flooring services are in high demand. Specialty Coating is one of the most respected commercial and industrial concrete floor coating contractors in the Southeast.

polished concrete flooring contractors nashville tnUsing Concrete Floors as an Interior Design Element

Interior designers now embrace finished concrete floors for kitchen and restroom areas, high-traffic areas, showroom areas, dining areas, etc.  With the right finish a polished concrete floor or stained concrete flooring option can be chic, sleek, and contemporary. The available concrete colors, stains, aggregates and finishing techniques can produce custom, unique results. For example, Specialty Coating does acid staining and polishing to achieve some fabulous results. Additionally, Specialty Coatings can apply coatings for concrete floors including epoxy flooring, troweled mortars, metal-flake, and quartz.  So, as you can image, the combinations are myriad.

Going Green with Concrete Floors

Concrete floors also hold a high position of esteem in the “green realm.” In its manufacture, concrete floors do not deplete natural resources. And they require less energy than other floor types to produce.

Owners (and users) of concrete floors also reap eco-friendly returns. Concrete can improve indoor air quality because it inhibits mold, mildew, and odors. Additionally, it contains no potentially harmful VOCs itself and zero-VOC sealers are also in wide use.

The environment itself also wins because you can recycle concrete. Additionally, there is no discard waste, such as scraps of flooring and underlayment to fill up landfills.

The Financial Rewards of Concrete Floors

Concrete typically costs between $2 and $20 per square foot to install, making it a less expensive choice than many other flooring options. Concrete withstands wear so it has a longer life making it a good return on investment.  Additionally, concrete floors are easy to clean and do not require expensive cleaning products or special tools.